There are 11 million women in the UK over the age of 45 years and this is often when the symptoms of the perimenopause start and last on average 7.4 years.

It is the decline and fluctuations in our body of the hormone oestrogen which affect our brain, skin, bones, heart and vagina and gives rise to symptoms such as hot flushes/flashes night sweats, poor sleep, insomnia, tiredness, fatigue , weight gain, anxiety, palpitations and mood variability as well as affecting our sex drive, libido, joints, skin and hair texture making us feeling we are getting older, less attractive and sexy.

It is very common to have these perimenopause symptoms but still have periods. Periods, however can become irregular, lighter and for some women heavier and more frequent.

It is very important to know that you do not have to wait until you’ve finished your periods to do something about your symptoms and/or start HRT. There are many lifestyle modifications which can help with regards to diet, exercise, mental health and mindfulness and in fact, there is increasing evidence to suggest that the earlier HRT is started the more benefits it can give and fewer adverse effects.