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with Dr Shahzadi Harper : The Menopause Doctor

Sexy, confident, strong… not words we generally use to describe how we feel when the menopause unceremoniously bowls us over. But they could be… they should be! Looking good, feeling good and yes, feeling sexy, are all within reach of each and every woman as we approach this new phase in our life.

Taking my interactive, holistic approach to managing hormonal health, I look at every element that comes into play at this time – physical, psychological and social. I’m passionately committed to restoring wellbeing, confidence and self esteem. I hope that my empathy – together with my experience and approachability to bring this once taboo subjects into the spotlight– will help to restore your equilibrium and empower you with the mental positivity to sail through.

Our age should not define us!

Dr Shahzadi Harper

manage the symptoms of Menopause


Perimenopause Doctor


Perimenopause Doctor

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I just want to let women know that there is help! Menopause is so overwhelming: all the symptoms, all the things your body goes through. From beginning to end, my experience with Dr. Harper has been life changing! It’s not easy to talk about menopause, but “Dr. Harper” made it easy.


After only two visits with Dr.Harper, my mental clarity and focus have improved 100%! With the thorough blood test results, she was able to prescribe the hormones and vitamins that my body has been missing for probably all of my adult life!….


I’m a long time patient of Dr. Harper…..always a great experience even when I was going through hormone hell 15-17 years ago. She has gotten me healthy and I feel better at 60 than I did at 40!!


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Perimenopause Doctor

October is World Menopause Awareness Month

October is menopause awareness month, and this year we’re looking to raise awareness around perimenopause – the transitional period into menopause, while highlighting the importance of research, education and combating global stigma.

Perimenopause clinic

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