Menopause at Work: Overcoming Misconceptions

menopause at work

As one of the leading minds in the field our menopause doctor, Dr Shahzadi Harper is often asked to deliver talks at events and gatherings. Earlier this month Dr Harper gave a talk at a cityworks event hosted by ICBC Standard Bank.

The talk centred on employers having more open and frank conversations about the menopause; after all, it’s something half of the entire workforce will go through at some point in their lives and the need for the taboo to be lifted has never been greater.

In society, the menopause has generally been spoken about in hushed tones, or something to be embarrassed about; when, in actual fact it is an unavoidable stage of life. The taboo associated with menopause is nothing short of laughable considering half of the human population will experience it.

We understand that people would rather keep some of their symptoms private but it is some important that we demystify the menopause and have open and honest conversations about how to retain women in the workplace. Every year the British workforce loses thousands of talented women due to a lack of support from employers, this needs to stop, especially during these times of uncertainty.

You can read the highlights from Dr Harper’s talk on the cityworksforum website.

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