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We think it’s important to keep our readers and clients up to date with all the latest news and developments when it comes to their menopause and the available treatments and therapies. That’s why, when there is an HRT shortage – you need to know about it.

In response to the recent reports of HRT shortages, the British Menopause Society has produced this update on the current availability of HRT products. This provides guidance to BMS members, clinicians and patients who may be experiencing difficulties in obtaining HRT supplies.

There have been availability issues with many HRT products. Some of these are related to manufacturing shortages, while others are related to supply issues. The BMS has been reassured that these are temporary shortages which pharmaceutical companies and their suppliers are trying to resolve.

We would like to make it clear that the medicines our menopause doctor, Dr Shahzadi Harper prescribes are very much available and we have had no reports of any shortage. So, if you need to speak to someone about your menopause and HRT make sure you give us a call on 0207 637 8820 or email to book a consultation.

The information on stock availability and supplies below was obtained from the pharmaceutical companies producing these products.

Besins Healthcare (UK) HRT products

No shortage of supplies of their HRT products:

Oestrogel systemic oestrogen gel.
Utrogestan (micronised progesterone) 100 mg in continuous combined regimen and 200 mg in sequential regimens.

Evorel patches (Janssen)

Janssen have provided the following update on their Evorel patch products:

They indicated that availability of the Evorel range of products in the UK has been impacted following an unusual increase in demand over recent months, hence some pharmacies have been experiencing shortages of certain products. Their forecasted stock out dates may continue to fluctuate in the coming months with ongoing changes in demand, but the company is working to resolve this issue.

In the meantime, however, and while supplies are available, any pharmacies that are having difficulties to obtain the product from the wholesalers to whom Janssen supply, can contact Janssen directly by email on [email protected] or by telephone: 01494 567 400 and they would explain the process of placing an order with them directly to fulfil pending prescriptions and once an order is placed delivery of goods to the pharmacy is likely to be within two working days.

Estradot patches (Novartis pharmaceuticals):

Available. No supply shortages at present.

Company happy to guide pharmacies on how to register and order directly if required with a view to a next working day delivery.

Estraderm MX patches

Estraderm MX 50 patches pack of 24. Available.
Estraderm MX 75 patches pack of 8. Available.
Estraderm MX 100 patches. Available.
Estraderm MX 50 patches pack of 8 available – Shortage of supplies.

Mylan HRT products

Elleste Solo: 1mg oestradiol. Available.
Elleste Solo: 2mg oestradiol. Shortage of supplies.
Elleste Duet 1mg oestradiol + 1mg norethisterone acetate. Shortage of supplies.
Elleste Duet 2mg oestradiol + 1mg norethisterone acetate. Available.
Elleste Duet Conti 2mg oestradiol + 1mg norethisterone. Shortage of supplies.
Femoston 1mg oestradiol + 10mg dydrogesterone. Shortage of supplies.
Femoston 2mg oestradiol + 10mg dydrogesterone. Available.
Femoston conti 1mg oestradiol + 5mg dydrogesterone. Available.
Femoston conti low dose 0.5mg 0estradiol + 2.5mg dydrogesterone. Available.
Zumenon 1mg oestradiol and 2mg oestradiol. Shortage of supplies.
Elleste Solo MX patches 40mcg transdermal oestradiol. Current shortage of supplies, but likely to be available later this month.
Elleste Solo MX patches 80mcg transdermal oestradiol. Current shortage of supplies, but likely to be available later this month.

Mylan website has an overview and stock availability page.

Novo Nordisk HRT products

No shortage of supplies of any of their HRT products:

Kliovance 1mg oestradiol + 0.5mg norethisterone acetate.
Kliofem 2mg oestradiol + 1mg norethisterone acetate.
Novofem 1 mg oestradiol + 1 mg norethisterone acetate.
Trisequens 2mg/2mg/1mg oestradiol + 1mg norethisterone acetate.
Vagifem 10mcg topical vaginal oestrogen.

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